Dear Gaby Face The Music!

Are you guilty of screen time affecting your family time? Has your child caught you paying too much attention to your screen over them? Our screens have become such a prevalent part of our everyday lives that we often forget the world around us and that we need to disconnect in order for us to reconnect.

We caught up with another loyal N.Bar client – full-time Mommy & Managing Partner of Middle East Media Publishing House, Katia Jundi to see how she juggles screen time with screaming toddlers and mail boxes with meal times…


N.Bar: How do you feel about your kids using social media? Would you let them? Why?

KJ: I have 2 boys under the age of 6 so they are too young for social media, I’d probably wait until they were about 12 years old before they could use it. I wouldn’t want them to feel like I was spying on them, but I’d have to introduce them gradually and make them aware of the dangers that exist online and teach them that most things on Social Media are not true!


N.Bar: Do you have ‘me time’?

KJ: Definitively not enough! Ironically, my ‘Me Time’ is honestly with my family. I work a lot and spend a lot of time away, so it’s what I crave the most!


N.Bar: How do you feel when browsing the different Social Media channels? Do you like what you read/ see in your feeds?

KJ: It’s great because it’s the industry that I’m in, I need to be exposed to it. For me, it’s a great way to get a summary of what’s going on at my fingertips. In an ideal world I’d spend less time on Social Media – I’m always reaching out to my phone every second which I know is not healthy.


N.Bar: Describe a scenario where you feel social media might impact family time. Does it happen to you?

KJ: Yes – my son has caught me in the act a few times – i’m guilty of being engrossed in my phone and everything around me becoming blurry!


N.Bar: Do you follow any influencers and why/ why not?

KJ: I trust micro-influencers now more so than the influencers with hundreds of thousands of followers – I loose connections with these influencers and feel they don’t have credibility.


N.Bar: Do you believe you have a stressful job?

KJ: Yes, very demanding! I travel a lot out of the city. I’m on the go a lot, so I’m very rushed – it would be great if you guys did a home service!


N.Bar: In one word/sentence, describe social media

Social media is a Double Edge Sword!