Dear Gaby Snap Chat out of it!

Are we becoming so digitally-dependent that we’ve forgotten how to communicate in ways other than Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat? Are we focusing all of our limited time on scrolling and screen-time? Through our 2018 ‘Dear Gaby’ campaign and our friends at N.Bar, we explore how women use Social Media and if it’s adding value or simply de-valuing our use of time.

This week we caught up with Mira Ibrahim, an Interior Design student and loyal N.Bar goer…


N.Bar: Do you think social media has a positive or negative influence on a woman?

MI: Negative for sure! And not only on women – on everyone. It takes your time away from things that are actually important, your time can be utilized in much better ways than scrolling through social media! There is also an emotional and mental effect that it can have on people from cyber bullying to getting depressed by comparing your life to other people’s lives on social media.


“I use Instagram the most, but I’m still the first to say it’s a waste of time!”


N.Bar: Do you use social media for business or personal reasons?

MI: Purely personal reasons. In terms of people using it for business –  I don’t trust influencers at all – most of them are paid to promote and they promote things that are not beneficial to me.


N.Bar: What do you do for your “me time”

I love to read books – reading is my therapy! I normally read a book in 2 days, I make sure I take the time to finish it. One of my favorites is ‘The Notebook’.


 N.Bar: Is your visit to N.Bar part of your me time?

MI: I go to N.Bar every 2 weeks – I love to go and relax with a massage – it’s perfect! Everything is perfect there’s really nothing else you can do to make the experience better!


N.Bar: What do you think about the idea of “digital detox”?

MI: I’d love the idea of this! I hate the fact that Social Media distracts people from being able to switch off.


N.Bar: Do you find that social media distracts you from doing your work?

MI: It definitely does. I keep notifications off when I’m at university.


N.Bar: What do you do when you’re not working? How do you unwind?

MI: I love the simple things – chilling with friends in Starbucks drinking coffee is my idea of winding down!