Dear Gaby Material Values or Family Values?

We caught up with stay-at-home Mom & part time Blogger, Virdah on the impact that Social Media has on her family life. Find out her rule for managing screen time in her household…


NB: How do you feel about your kids using social media? Would you let them? Why? 

V: I believe we should move with the pace of the world and since social media is a big part, I would allow my kids to use it but will definitely keep a check on them.


NB: Do you have “me time”? How?

V: Yes I do, I love watching my favourite series on Netflix with some takeout food. Also managing to get a manicure and a blow dry is an ultimate treat.


NB: How do you feel when browsing the different social media channels? Do you like what you read/see in your feeds?

V: I do love browsing on social media channels. Sometimes I really enjoy it but sometimes there’s too much unnecessary stuff put out there.


NB: Describe a scenario where you feel social media might impact family time. Does it happen to you?

V: Yes, it does to us. We love eating out and sometimes we encounter moments when all of us our super involved in our phones rather than with each other.


NB: What do you think about the idea of a “digital detox”

V: I think at one point all of us need it. It is possibly the best thing you can do for yourself keeping in mind that social media and all the gadgets have become an integral part of our lives so a little detox is what we all need.


NB: What do you think about people who are glued to their phone?

V: I think they need to find activities like sports or arts and crafts where they can just forget everything and concentrate on one activity and actually enjoy it.


NB: Do you have any ‘Social Media’ rules in your house? With your partner or with your kids?

V: We do. We don’t take our phones in the bedroom.


NB: As a woman, do you think Social Media has a positive or negative influence on you? Why?

V: It has a massive positive influence on my life and I think on expat life. We are away from home and family and social media keeps us informed and motivated.


NB: In one word, describe social media

V: Important (in today’s world)