Nail Extensions How to choose the right nail extensions?

Nail extensions can really help achieve your desired shape and length, while helping your nails to become more durable like a layer of protection. Those who have fragile nails prone to breakage or snapping could really benefit from nail extensions in order to achieve a beautiful finish ready to complete with whichever nail polish and nail art you fancy. It’s important to go to the best professional possible and choose someone who really understands nails when considering which is the best salon for nail extensions.

How can you tell which is the best salon for nail extensions?

It’s important to consider the level of expertise of the beauty therapists, the level of attention to detail, the options available and the quality of the product offering. N.Bar is the best salon for nail extensions in Dubai as we truly understand nail care with our award-winning services. At N.Bar we offer game-changing new generation extensions which give you stronger and better, more attractive nails more quickly than other nail salons. Our unrivaled level of expertise ensures you can achieve the look of your dreams in a record amount of time – making it the best salon for nail extensions. Whether you visit N.Bar for a pampering treat with a friend or come to us quickly on your work lunch break, you’ll get first-class, personalized treatment in our state-of-the-art surroundings.

Should you choose gel or acrylic nail extensions?

Whether you choose gel, acrylic or builder nail extensions depends on your desired look and your natural nails. It’s important to visit the best nail spa for nail extensions you can as a good therapist will be able to personalize your extensions to your lifestyle and needs. At N.Bar we offer natural extensions, French extensions and natural overlays for all different types. We can advise you on the best option for you and take care of all of your nail care needs in order to promote strong, healthy and beautiful nails with minimal damage, that’s why we’re the best salon for nail extensions.

What are N.Bar’s New Gen nail extensions?

Our New Gen nail extensions offer you the latest trending shapes, a high-strength formula to ensure no breakage and split nails. We’re the best salon for New Gen nail extensions as you can visit us for a full new set, any repairs, refills and removals. Therefore, you are getting the best quality service from start to finish and can really care for your nails.

Why is N.Bar the best nail spa for nail extensions?

As well as our relaxing environment, highly trained staff and award-winning services, we offer an enticing range of spa treatments to elevate your experience with nail extensions. These include paraffin treatments, exfoliating treatments and hand massages to keep your hands in top condition while offering a moment of pampering – that’s why we’re the best nail spa for nail extensions as our services are second to none and our staff go the extra mile to ensure you obtain the best results possible.

Which specialized treatments do we offer at N.Bar?

At N.Bar we have two award-winning treatments which keep your nails in tip-top condition in between your nail extension appointments. With our leading innovation designed to reverse and protect from any damage caused, it’s easy to see why we’re the best spa for nail extensions. Our treatments include the IBX Nail Strengthening Repair Treatment and the N.Bar Miracle Repair Treatment. Find out more about them here.