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N.Bar is the best manicure and pedicure salon in Dubai thanks to it’s award-winning services, customer experience, unrivaled location and luxurious surroundings. As you step inside N.Bar, you’ll understand why it’s the top choice for all of your beauty needs. At N.Bar, we are pioneers for innovation, with a range of award-winning treatments, stunning surroundings, an unforgettable experience and the best nail experts available in Dubai.

Why is N.Bar Dubai’s best manicure & pedicure salon?

As you step inside N.Bar, you’ll immediately understand why it’s Dubai’s best manicure & pedicure salon. With our welcoming, state-of-the-art surroundings you’ll want to unwind and enjoy a moment’s pampering. N.Bar will become your ‘’go to’’ beauty destination with our vast menu of the latest pioneering treatments and trend-led ideas. When deciding which nail salon is best for you there’s a lot to consider and things you should be looking out for, find out more here.

Why are our manicures the best at N.Bar?

At N.Bar, our nail experts give an unrivaled service you’ll love. Our manicures provide cuticle work, cutting, filing and shaping in order to truly care for your nails. We’re the best manicure and pedicure salon in Dubai as we truly understand nail care. All of our treatments promote nail health as well as achieving the shape, color and nail style of your dreams – that’s why we’re regarded as Dubai’s best manicure & pedicure salon. We offer a vast range of colors, French polish and even a ‘’princess polish’’ for little ones under 12.

Why are our pedicures the best at N.Bar?

As you sit down in one of our comfortable massage chairs, you’ll get ready to experience the best pedicure of your life. All of our pedicures treat your feet with soaking, filing, cuticle work, a short relaxing massage and the option of normal or gel polish in the most enticing shades available in Dubai. We even offer a ‘’princess polish’’ for children under 12 so mother and daughter can share enjoyable moments of pampering together in one of our beautiful N.Bar locations. With the spa-like experience, vast options and friendly staff who go the extra mile for you, you’ll quickly understand why we’re regarded as the best manicure and pedicure salon in Dubai. Find out more here.

What are N.Bar’s signature manicures?

We have a range of world class signature manicures which sets our salon apart from the rest in Dubai. These include the Silk Finish manicure targeted to those who wish to remove signs of aging from their hands like a restorative treatment and the Ultimate Glow Manicure which uses electrolyte technology to boost the hydration levels and radiance in your hands. The N.Bar Signature Manicure is a beautifully relaxing manicure which restores the senses while leaving you with silky-smooth skin and perfect nails. This specialized manicure combines an exfoliating scrub, a paraffin lavender treatment, express massage and manicure.

Our manicures go above and beyond the traditional manicures available on the market, utilizing the latest methods, spa techniques, fantastic products and leading technology to promote skin and nail health – that’s why we’re Dubai’s best manicure & pedicure salon.

What are N.Bar’s signature pedicures?

Our pedicures will give you a spa-like experience and a moment of true indulgence. Our nail experts go above and beyond to treat your feet to silky-soft skin with beautiful nails. The N.Bar Signature Pedicure combines an exfoliating scrub, a paraffin lavender treatment, express massage and pedicure. There is an N.Bar Medi Pedi to combat skin conditions or problematic nails with the pioneering Footlogix technology and even a Foot Therapy Pedicure which utilizes a blend of energizing essential oils, moisturizing shea butters and a camomile massage before applying your polish. With our diverse menu of pedicures including spa-like treatments, sensorial and even medical options, you can see why N.Bar is Dubai’s best manicure & pedicure salon.