N.Bar News Why you should invest in a Nail & Beauty Salon Franchise

Nail and beauty salon franchise - Is it the right choice?

Most women would agree that having perfectly manicured fingers and toes are worth the price tag. The question is would they trust a mom & pop shop over an established nail and beauty salon franchise? We will be tackling this question throughout this write-up!

For a lot of women, visiting the local salon means more than just looking their best. In today’s modern high-paced world, being able to relax and have some time to pamper yourself comes as a welcome experience.

The beauty industry as a whole is valued roughly around $410 billion. For entrepreneurs, opening a nail & beauty salon or starting a nail & beauty might seem like the natural first step.

What if there was a safer approach for being your own boss and still owning your own beauty salon? Welcome the nail and beauty salon franchise!

Joining a nail salon franchise with a known brand is a much safer way to accomplish the same goal. Franchises have been there and done that. They know what works and doesn’t work, so nail & beauty salon franchisees don’t have to make the same mistakes over again.

A  beauty salon franchise is a method of owning your own beauty salon with a proven business model. It also come with a well-established and trusted beauty brand.

Franchising offers a clearly defined roadmap for opening your beauty salon. It comes with learnings that range from the pre-opening process to how to operate a profitable business. They also provide guidance on how to launch marketing campaigns that drive footfall and innovation.

An established nail and beauty salon franchise reassures your investment by providing a turn-key solution for going live, accompanied with proven marketing strategies.

Becoming a franchise partner in the beauty industry is a sound investment choice as beauty salons are in high demand, and typically do well in recessions as well.

Nail Salon Franchises that focus on delivering efficient and beautiful manicures and pedicures are one of the most in demand options within the beauty industry. This is due to the higher than average revenue they generate per square meter while providing a service that is in high demand.

N.Bar has set its mark in the nail & beauty salon franchise industry by making hands & feet care, i.e. manicures and pedicures, a lifestyle choice. The brand delivers hygienic, superior, and exceptional nail and beauty treatments with a streamlined user experience from booking through an app to contactless checkout.

What makes N.Bar different than other beauty salon franchises?

Since 2001, N.Bar has set the benchmark for being the most progressive and successful nail salon chain in the Middle East. This has led to their expansion into Canada, India, and soon the United Kingdom.

Their success is measurable with a client base of over 150,000 women and 800,000 treatments served.

These clients include celebrities, entrepreneurs, and influencers. The award-winning brand keeps customer experience and innovation as the center of its development. N.Bar is on a journey to become a globally recognized nail and beauty salon franchise with 18+ branches already open across the globe.

N.Bar is seeking franchise partners to join them in providing high-end nail and beauty services globally. This is an opportunity for your business to flourish with an unmatched brand. N.Bar provides you with the tools and support to ensure your business prospers with a dedicated team to assist you in every step of the way.

Top 8 Reasons to Invest in a Nail & Beauty Salon Franchise Business

1. Investment to Grow Capital

The beauty industry is a rapidly developing sector which is not as affected during recessions as well. However, there is a lot of competition in the industry with a lot of mom & pop beauty salons trying to earn their share of the market. In order to reduce your risk of failure, and increase your chances of making an investment that will grow your capital, it is recommended to work with a proven business model with a nail and beauty salon franchise. Your earnings can reach up to 40% margins once the business gets rolling.

2. Brand Recognition & Guidance

When you franchise a with a brand that already exists, you’ll be working alongside experienced and trained professionals who have been there and done that. The brand will also have presence globally, increasing the chances of clients trusting your beauty franchise.

3. Constant Support

Franchisors will constantly extend their support in terms of marketing, sales, IT, and training. They will ensure that you have the latest innovation in the market through new services and products. They will also provide marketing collateral for opening your nail and beauty salon franchise, as well as launching campaigns to drive footfall. The experience you receive from doing a beauty franchise is well worth the investment.

4. Be Your Own Boss

The best part of starting your own beauty business is you get to be your own boss. The risk of starting your own beauty business is that you do will have to make the mistakes that new beauty business owners generally do. Partnering with a nail and beauty salon franchise gives you the best of both worlds by enabling you to be your boss while supporting you years of experience.

5. Mistakes made & lessons learned

It’s a beauty business, and mistakes take place. Though training will be provided, it doesn’t mean an individual will become flawless overnight. Hence, it’s okay to falter, but learn from them rather than dwell on them.

6. Higher Earning Potential

As a nail and beauty franchise owner, you will directly impact your income by choices you make ranging from the business model you select to how much time you choose to invest in your business. Since it is a proven model, the trajectory to higher revenues would be quicker.

7. Instill Confidence

People appreciate brands that are either globally recognized, or that they know and trust. These brands give instill comfort as they have been proven to work globally. Investing in an established nail and beauty franchise that already has a strong reputation in the industry makes easier for customers to trust you.

8. Innovation

Innovation, investment, and research are required throughout the growth of your business. It is necessary to stay up-to-date and be able to deliver and complete the client’s desires as it will lead to the growth of your client base. Being part of a global brand ensures that you receive the latest innovation in the market first.


Investing in an established nail and beauty franchise is considered to be a safer choice. This is because it comes with a proven business model and constant support. Being part of a global brand will also ensures that you are at the forefront of innovation. And you will have a network of incredibly experienced individuals to guide you on your journey.

To help you start your journey of becoming your own boss, visit N.Bar’s Franchise page to learn more. Let us help you turn your passion into business!