Dear Gaby Whats Cooking?

We caught up with the fabulous Vlogger, Content Creator & Influencer, Dee Mohamud…here’s what she had to say about all things Social Media…


NB: Do you think social media has a positive or negative influence on a woman?

DM: It really depends on how you use it. Certain people mis-use it by comparing their life and themselves to others, but if it’s used in the right way it’s not negative or harmful, it’s a great tool for connecting with people, to get inspiration and to educate yourself. For myself, it’s a bit of both – I love being inspired and it’s my job, but it’s gotten to me in the past when I’ve interpreted something online which is so far form the truth! I just need to remind myself sometimes that… it’s really not a big deal!


NB: Which social media platform do you use the most and why?

DM: On a daily basis I use Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest & Snapchat. I post once a day and its time consuming, but it’s part of my job! I try and limit the use of my stories & snapchat at events by posting when I get home, so I can actually have human interaction with people!


NB: Do you use social media for business or personal reasons?

DM: I use Social Media for both. I handle the Social Media for an investment company, so it’s nice that the content is quite different to what I post personally.


NB: What do you do for your “me time”

DM: Ooooh, ok so I have 2 things that I love to do when taking some “me time”… I like to pamper myself! (obviously!) – mani, pedi, facials, lashes, the lot!  I like to disconnect with no distractions and no talking and I also like to de-clutter and organize my life so I’m ready to embrace whatever comes my way!


NB: Is your visit to the salon part of your me time? How can we enhance the experience?

DM: Yes, you just have –  I love the wireless headphones that you’ve just introduced! Amazing!


NB: What do you think about the idea of a “digital detox”

DM: I think I could do it if it didn’t affect my work. I digitally detox myself sometimes. When I’m feeling down or I’m in a negative headspace, I turn my wifi off for the whole day – it completely relaxes me and calms me down…I’m not sure if I could do it for more than one day though!


NB: Describe how you feel about influencers, do you follow them? Why?

DM: Yes, I follow influencers but I can understand why people don’t trust certain influencers with a large following as they can sometime come across too commercial. They can lose sight of what resonates with their following and that’s where the disconnect happens. I love @novemberus visual content!


NB: Do you feel social media has an impact on your relationships? Do you spend more time on social media then with your partner/family/friends?

DM:  Only really with my family – I have to put my phone away otherwise my mom gets annoyed! I make a point to not look at my phone if I’m at dinner with people – I think it’s a generation thing, we are so used to having our phones out at the dinner table amongst friends but it doesn’t overly bother me, whereas it bothers my elders.


NB: How important is taking time for yourself and why?

DM: I take enough ‘time out’ – it’s so important to me. If I feel like I don’t then I force myself to because I know I’ll crash out and burn. I try and do something where I know I can escape.