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Dear N.Bar Clients,

For 20 years, N.Bar has pioneered the nail industry in the region.

Hygiene has always been a big part of our DNA, and our stringent standards are something we pride ourselves on. After receiving instruction from Dubai Municipality, we are adhering to strict regulations to enable us to continue operating. In light of the current situation, we have taken extra precautionary measures to ensure you are safe…

  • Only clients with an appointment booked can be accommodated.
  • Waiting areas: be closed permanently (customers not allowed to be in the waiting area to limit the number of people inside the salon) – Dubai DED Mandate
  • All door handles & reception tops are sanitized every 15 min.
  • We have locked down our online booking so we can space out our appointments to limit the number of people in the Branch.
  • No entry for clients with flu symptoms. ( We are taking all staff & client’s temperatures on way into the branch).
  • Multi-user phone/ keyboards are sanitized every 15 min in the branch as these are multi-users.
  • Single user phone/ keyboards are sanitized throughout the day.
  • In branches where we do have TV remotes for clients to use are sanitized after each client leaves.
  • Only Disposable cups are being used to serve refreshments – DED Mandated
  • Edibles that are not packed in singular packages are removed.
  • We encourage staff to bring their own water bottles and reusable coffee cups to work. 
  • Hand sanitizers are available at the entrance and throughout the branch and staff and clients must be asked to use upon entrance.
  • Clients are informed that we use single-use towels only to reassure hygiene.
  • We ensure single use of towels at all times regardless of what it is used for, ie manicure, covering pillows, neck support etc.
  • We check all of our staff temperatures at the beginning of each shift. 
  • We require to take the temperature of all guests upon arrival, in case of the temperature of Celsius 37.6 or higher and any flue symptoms, the client will be refused. Dubai DED Mandated
  • All tool packs are to be opened in front of the guests.
  • Disposable tools such as files, buffers, etc to be offered to the clients to take home as assurance that we maintain high hygiene standards.
  • Chairs & armrests are sanitized after each client.
  • Bedsheets are changed after each client visit.
  • Massage beds with paper bed/couch rolls are changed after each client. 
  • Our staff are wearing face masks for all services, masks are available for clients if they so wish.
    • Dubai DED Mandate: masks and gloves to be used in all services
  • All newspapers, magazines & brochures have been removed. – Dubai DED Mandated
  • Documentation of all cleaning and disinfection operations including list and used disinfectants – Dubai DED Mandate
  • The safety of our team and clients is paramount so we are asking all our clients who have flu or cold symptoms to re-book their appointment when they feel better.
We look forward to seeing you in the branch soon.
Team N.Bar