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As you step inside our luxurious salon and are greeted by our friendly, welcoming staff you’ll immediately feel at ease away from the hustle and bustle of Dubai. N.Bar has convenient and beautiful locations for you to enjoy and with our excellent attention to detail we will take care of all of your nail care needs. Book an appointment today and discover the latest trends, nail art designs and an unforgettable pampering experience – you’ll quickly see why we’re Dubai’s best nail art salon. Discover about N.Bar’s nail art in Dubai here.

Why is N.Bar  the best nail art salon in Dubai?

Turn up your nails a notch by opting for some beautifully decorative nail art to elevate your manicure. Whether you want to reflect your style, personality or the seasons, there’s nail art for you whether it’s subtle, elaborate, on all of your fingers or just to accentuate the nail. Our expert nail therapists at N.Bar  work with you to achieve the nail art of your dreams by understanding your vision and bringing the creative concept to life in a way which looks best for you – that’s why we’re the best nail art salon in Dubai.

Our Nail Art Studio

You’ll love our fresh, modern and inviting Nail Art Studio which gives you the chance to relax and indulge in a little pampering. You’ll feel comfortable in the hands of one of our welcoming and friendly therapists who will tend to your every need. As Dubai’s best nail art salon we offer the best facilities with comfortable chairs, refreshments and a calm space that allows you to catch up with friends or have some ‘’me time’’ alone. With our state-of-the art facilities, expert nail technicians and results second to none you’ll see why we’re the best nail salon in Dubai.

Which Nail Art options do we offer at N.Bar ?

Mix up your manicure with a range of designs, trends and bespoke art from one of our expert therapists. As the best nail salon in Dubai we offer detailed nail art for one nail or the full set, chrome or ombre nails and more. For inspiration read about the hottest nail trends here. We have a trend-setting classic collection which has been curated specially at N.Bar , with different nail art collections constantly launching to give you inspiration as Dubai’s best nail art salon. We can even embellish your manicure with Swarovski crystals or rhinestones to really create a dazzling look!

What other services can I enjoy with my nail art?

At N.Bar  we aren’t just an express service to change your nail color. We offer a spa-like experience and leading, innovative services to give you the best results and memories. When you book your nail art with us, why not add on a relaxing hand massage, one of our strengthening nail treatments or get your lashes done at the same time? At N.Bar  our manicures go above and beyond to care for your skin, the health of your nails and give you a truly pampering treatment with a vast menu of options to suit every need. As Dubai’s best nail art salon you can get creative, express yourself and ensure your nails are in safe hands at the same time!